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, the packers played the 49ers here at lambeau week one and san francisco prevailed, 30-22. aaron rodgers tonight, 23 of 33, a touchdown. he's seldom intercepted. he was not picked off tonight. he threw for 274 yards. of those 23 completions, ten different receivers. charles woodson returned from a long stretch on the sidelines with an injury to contribute defensively. and those two, woodson and rodgers, are on the field with michele tafoya. >> michele: well, aaron, last week, you lost in minnesota. losing the bye week in the process. but how might this game act as a springboard for you guys as you head the rest of the way. >> i'm not sure. our defense played at a championship level, which you have to have in the postseason. offensively, we've got some stuff to work on. we doubled in the first half, beginning of the second half to make ate three-score game. but we've got to help the defense out more. close a team out. tough test next week, back in san francisco. we'll be excited about that, hopefully get healthy in the next couple days and get ready for the game. >> you hit ten different
news. >> hundreds of people gathered in san francisco to honor a group of american civil war heroes who until now were overlooked by history. the fred korematsu heroes celebration honored 16 asian-americans and pacific island here's helped change the course of history by speaking the truth to power. mayor ed lee reminded the audience of the civil rights struggle. >> many things of equality could be self-evident but they're not self-executing. we have to join together to get that one. >> the actor danny glover was an emcee at the event. many of the awards went to people who were outspoken during world war ii but who are no longer alive. those awards were accepted by family members. >>> that black smoke you may have seen this morning over the santa clara valley was the result of a fire at a cupertino cement plant. this morning burning truck equipment and tires were reported a little before 6:00 at the lehi southwest cement plan on the 24000 block. the smoke was seen as far away as 280. the cause is under investigation. this is the same cement plant where a disgruntled employee kill three
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2